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Commodities trading

Commodity trading involves the exchange of various assets based on the price of a physical commodity. The commodity market is a high-risk and high-reward market that requires trading experience and a decent level of knowledge.
For investors, commodities can be an important way to diversify their trading portfolios beyond traditional securities. Since commodity prices tend to move in the opposite direction to stock prices, some investors also rely on commodities during times of market volatility.

The most traded commodities

The commodity market can be divided into four main categories:
  • Metals
  • Energy carriers
  • Livestock
  • Agriculture

About Commodities

The most actively traded commodities differ depending on how the markets work. For example, a highly volatile oil market may attract more price speculators. This increases both volume and open interest:
  • Volume refers to the total number of contracts traded.
  • Open Interest is the total number of opened long and short positions in the market.
High volume products are often the most popular to invest in. Low volume commodity markets may be subject to higher volatility or even sharp price fluctuations.

Market specifics

Some precious metals such as gold and silver have a transferable value making them an attractive for traders.
Energy sources
Energy sources
This particular product market can be influenced by a number of factors, including the pace of production and the development of renewable energy sources.
Agricultural products
Agricultural products
It was the type of commodities that became the basis of the first commodity markets, when farmers fixed prices for their products at different times of the year.
It is a commodity is affected by economic inflation and its impact on food prices, as well as weather conditions.


Energy trading is popular all over the world. It is especially promising for traders who prefer intraday trading and want to diversify their investment portfolio. Some of the most popular commodities are fuel oil, oil, natural gas and ethanol.
Oil is one of the preferred assets for short-term traders. Average fluctuations in oil prices are about 3 times higher than average changes in quotations of major currency pairs and gold. Trading with this instrument will also be interesting for t traders planing deals with a view to longer-term prospects.

Features of energy trade

The energy market is urgent and trades contracts that have a specific period of validity.

Oil trading is tied to specific exchanges that have their own operating hours.

Constant fluctuations in quotes provide a constant profit potential.


  • Metal trading
Many experienced traders use precious metals as a defense against various market conditions. Gold and silver can be viewed as the opposite “risk free” investment. When traditional stock markets fall, metals can rise.
Professional investors choose gold to hedge many of the positions they take in the market.

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