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Index trading

Trading indices involves speculating on a group of stocks rather than a single asset. They represent a highly liquid market with longer trading hours. Some of the world’s largest indices have a long and illustrious history.
Indices are a method of measuring the performance of a group of stocks from one particular exchange. Unlike stock trading, where traders analyze the performance of one company’s stock, indices provide an opportunity to gain a broader view of the market as a whole.

Factors that affect the prices of the indices:

  • Politics and geopolitics
  • Changes in taxation
  • Interest rate decisions
  • Consumer preferences
  • Natural disasters
  • Technological advances

More about indices

Trading indices is a relatively new and interesting way to invest in the financial markets. The index price is composed of the prices of many traded instruments. So, when you trade an index, you are actually investing in a basket of instruments and not in the price of a particular stock or commodity.
Trading indices allows you to invest in a specific sector of the economy, as well as hedge risks. Since indices are composed of many instruments (each of which can influence the price), traders can benefit from the information as well as receive updates regarding the specific economy and sector associated with the index. With us you can invest in various indices and track their dynamics.

Benefits of investing in indices

  • Indices are some of the most traded instruments in the world.
  • They represent a highly liquid trading platform.
  • They are a profitable investment, allowing you to hedge risks.

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